Classic Bird Bags

Classic Bird Bags

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Classic Bird Hunting Bags. Three leather pouches to get the job done right. The two sides bags give you plenty of room for shells and the back bag is lined with a waterproof cordura to ensure the inside was be wiped out with a wet rag for many years of use. English Bridle leather belt and trim. Available in 3 sizes.

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The belt for the birds bags is available in 3 sizes.  The range given is from the tightest hole to the largest hole.  Holes are spaced 1" apart.  You will need to measure around your waist OVER THE TOP of your jeans.  Please contact us for larger or smaller sizes.  Personalization and customization available.

Size Small - 30"-34" waist

Size Medium - 36"-40" Waist

Size Large - 42"-46"