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Grady Douglass

Custom Leather

Heirloom Quality Goods• Made by Hand

Rocksprings, Texas, USA 



Take your trophy hunt adventure with you...

Let us offer our services to you and your hunting friends by creating custom pieces out of your animal skins and backhides!

Do you have skins and hides from animals you've harvested on safari or a special hunt you took part in?  If so, don't let those hides go to waste on the back of your couch or hidden away in a closet.  We can build you a custom piece out of that hide and you'll be able to take your GAME ROOM, as well as your story, on the road to your next adventure!!


Corporate Gifts & Personalized Products

Do you or your business need personalized or branded products to give away to clients, to give as retirement or appreciation gifts, or to advertise and further the brand you've worked so hard to establish?  If so, read on...

One of the unique ways our leather shop is set apart from the vast majority of others is our ability to personalize and customize any and all items that go out our door in an exceptionally precise and extremely cost effective nature.  With the help of our laser engraving machine, we can duplicate company logos, ranch brands, slogans, or just about any other graphic and put it into leather.  The accuracy and speed of the laser machine allows us to offer unique personalization to products that would either be impossible to do by hand or priced beyond the point of cost-effectiveness.  Give us the opportunity to build products your company, ranch, or special event will be proud to be behind!  

Placing your custom order...

Many of you visiting this site are interested in placing an order for a custom, hand carved leather creation - you've come to the right place!   With more  of a workforce in the leather shop these days, our turnaround has decreased dramatically on nearly all types of custom orders.  Whether you're in the market for a new hand-carved leather belt, wallet, briefcase, purse, or the like, we can accommodate what you're looking for.  Follow the link below to learn how to go about placing a custom order and what information we will need to ensure your new piece of leather ART is all you imagined it to be.

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Follow the Adventure


It's not about drugs, sex, and rock & roll, but even still, I think we can keep you entertained.  I'm going to express some thoughts on life, business, my faith, and the journey God has us on.  Some days we will talk leather goods and some days we will talk about being 25' in the air on some scaffolding I rigged up to weld up the trusses for this leather shop.  People have expressed interest, so here we go...  Grady Douglass Custom Leather - The BLOG